Few concertos have provoked such wide-ranging discussion as Marcello’s famous Oboe Concerto: disputes have raged for decades regarding its original key, and even the true identity of the composer. General consensus now regards the work as belonging to Alessandro Marcello (not his brother Benedetto), and its original key as D minor (as published in Jeanne Roger’s 1716 edition), rather than C minor.

Bach’s intabulation of this concerto for harpsichord (BWV 974) was completed in 1713, during his tenure as organist to the Duke of Saxe-Weimar. It was during this period that Bach became better acquainted with the writing of Italian masters such as Vivaldi and Torelli, and he indulged his zest for this music by absorbing many of its qualities into his own transcriptions. Whilst Marcello’s structure in this concerto remains, Bach’s inventive harmonic configuration and delightful ornamentation of the middle Adagio imbue the work with a true baroque feel.

Parts included:

  • Piccolo Trumpet in B-flat
  • Piccolo Trumpet in A
  • Piano

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