Like a thread running through North German music, the chorale with its inexhaustibly inventive musical transformations lies as a cornerstone of the 17th century, especially in view of its direct influence on the craft and language of J. S. Bach. Dietrich Buxtehude may well have been visited by Bach on the latter’s memorably extended trip to Lübeck. He was certainly the most eminent figure in German music in the last quarter of the century, excelling in all genres including a significant corpus of organ music. The Reformation chorale, Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, is a prelude setting of a single stanza of the chorale. It is a fine and richly ornamented paraphrase celebrating the exuberance and strength of Luther’s famous tune in a form Bach was to explore in his own setting in the Orgelbüchlein. This work has a wonderful breadth and dignity, requiring the trumpeter to project assurance, fervour and confidence across all ranges.

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Parts included:

  • Trumpet in C
  • Piano

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