Although she died at the tender age of just 24, in her short lifetime the French composer Lili Boulanger established herself as a composer with a powerful and original voice, and it is a tragedy that we will never know what she could have written. Born into a highly musical family in Paris in 1893 (her sister Nadia was also a remarkable composer), Lili produced a substantial number of songs and piano pieces, all written in a quasi-impressionist idiom not dissimilar to that of her compatriot Claude Debussy. Boulanger’s harmonic language was however unlike anything else at the time, and this is particularly evident in the Trois morceaux pour piano of 1914. Indeed, even though she was just 20 at the time, Boulanger’s unique style was already receiving recognition; just a year before the Trois morceaux was composed, she became the first ever female winner of the prestigious Prix de Rome composition prize.

Parts included:

  • Score
  • Trumpet 1 in E-flat
  • Trumpet 2 in B-flat
  • Trumpet 3 in B-flat
  • Trumpet 4 in B-flat
  • Horn in F
  • Trombone 1
  • Trombone 2
  • Trombone 3
  • Trombone 4 (Bass)
  • Tuba

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