Johann Heinrich Bach (1615-1692) was Johann Sebastian’s Great Uncle and the court and town musician for Arnstadt where Bach was himself to start his career in 1703 as an ambitious and headstrong organist. Heinrich’s life extended from the year Giovanni Gabrieli’s last great set of Venetian instrumental works, Symphoniae Sacrae, were published to the point when Purcell composed his great ‘Ode to St Cecilia’. Almost none of Heinrich’s music survives. His two string sonatas in five parts represent the earliest known instrumental music by a Bach. The F major Sonata is a conventional early-baroque ‘patchwork quilt’ of short interleaving sections, complete with clarion calls, quasi-antiphonal exchanges of Italian provenance and gentle adagio bars, all under-scored by ruddy Teutonic harmonies.

Parts included:

  • Trumpet in C
  • Trumpet in E-flat
  • Piano

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