This polyphonic fantasia appears to imitate the cornetto in these smoulderingly passionate solos underpinned by a strong harmonic compass. This quasi-lament is influenced by the florid passagi of the cornetto as well as injecting its Andalucian flavour of Moorish ornament and unexpected accidentals or ‘ficta’. This work forms part of Arauxo’s ‘Libro de tientos y discursus de música pratica, y theorica de organo intitulado Facultad organica’, a collection of 70-odd works from 1626 of increasing difficulty. Highly-wrought, this potent piece juxtaposes imitative episodes and three trumpet solos of both supplication and defiance. Bringing both clarity and freedom in the trumpet line will allow the music an improvisatory character but contained by Arauxo’s fastidiously etched melodic contours.

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Parts included:

  • Trumpet in C
  • Piano

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