Ludwig van Beethoven’s Seven Variations [on the folksong] ‘God Save the King’ is a concise celebration of the tune which was fast establishing itself as the ubiquitous song of allegiance to King George. Beethoven offered these variations, and five on ‘Rule Britannia’, to Breitkopf in 1803, no doubt in a spurt of enthusiasm for a country that had started to show its admiration for the composer. There is a chirpy air of anti-establishment irreverence in both sets, something which Timothy Jones’s arrangement emphasises in a newly chiselled dialogue between the trumpet and piano, and allusions to one or two other emblematic melodies fused in an age of emerging European identities – including an unmistakeable reference to a would-be national anthem by another composer with Viennese credentials, one Joseph Haydn.

Parts included:

  • Piano
  • Trumpet in C

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