One of the greatest composers of the romantic era, a hand injury ended Schumann’s dreams of becoming a concert pianist, which left him more time for composition and critical writing (he founded the influential Leipzig-based journal, Die Neue Zeitschrift für Musik). His output includes four symphonies, numerous songs and plethora of chamber music, as well as concertos for piano and cello, although a significant deterioration in his mental health made it almost impossible to compose during the latter years of his life.

Widmung (Dedication) opens Schumann’s song cycle Myrthen, completed in April 1840 and given as a wedding present to his wife, Clara Wieck, whom he married in September of that year, following a lengthy and acrimonious battle with her father. One of 150 lieder that the composer wrote during his ‘year of song’, its text is taken from a poem by the German writer Friedrich Rückert, proclaiming exactly what Clara was for her husband to be: his heart and soul, his rapture, his peace, and his heaven.

Parts included:

  • Piano
  • Trumpet in C
  • Trumpet in B-flat