Sonata No. 4 in F major takes is modelled on Mozart’s late violin sonatas, especially K.481 in E-flat (1785) and K.526 in A (1787). Following the example of several late instrumental pieces by Mozart, this sonata is based on themes from the composer’s songs. The first movement (like that of K.526, a brisk gigue) takes themes from late songs that are in 6/8: ‘Die Zufriedenheit’ K.473 (May 1785) and ‘Die Verschweigung’ K.518 (May 1787). The second movement is a set of seven variations on ‘Ich würd auf meinem Pfad’ K.390 (1781–2). The finale is an extended sonata rondo whose refrain amplifies the main theme of ‘An Chloe’ K.524 (June 1787) and whose second subject is the melody of Mozart’s very last song ‘Der Frühling’ K.597 (January 1791) combined with the opening theme of ‘Lied zur Gesllenreise’ K.468 (March 1785).

Parts included:

  • Trumpet in C
  • Piano

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