Few precise biographical details exist about Hansen, though it is know he studied piano, organ, violin and trumpet, and later became principal of the Royal Danish Orchestra. He also performed with the Tivoli Concert Orchestra, and was a regular substitute organist for J.P.E. Hartmann at the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen. In 1893 he became a faculty member of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and many of his compositions (almost all of which are for brass) date from after this appointment.

First published in 1903, the Sonata, Op. 18 is unique in the cornet repertoire of the early twentieth century, dispensing with the fashionable forms of the era (among them the air & variation, fantasy, and ‘concert piece’) in favour of a distinct three movement sonata – or more precisely, ‘sonatina’. In using this mainstream musical idiom, Hansen also eschews the flagrant virtuosity and overt sentimentality of the aforementioned structures, preferring instead a romantic language more reminiscent of Mendelssohn or Schumann.

Parts included:

  • Piano
  • Cornet/Trumpet in B-flat