Jean-Baptiste Arban is best known to brass players for his Grand méthode complète pour cornet à pistons et de saxhorn, published in 1864. A comprehensive method in technique for cornet or trumpet, the work is even to this day considered to be the ‘Trumpeter’s Bible’. During his lifetime, Arban became the leading exponent of the cornet and did a tremendous amount to increase the instrument’s profile, demonstrating an exceptionally high level of virtuosity which truly showed that the instrument could be a solo instrument in its own right. Much in the manner of Paganini, he would often perform works he had written himself, which were especially designed to show off his talents – his variations on The Carnival of Venice being the best-known example. This Morceau de Concours is another of these – a short and virtuosic work for solo cornet, which is also suited to performance on trumpet.


Parts included:

  • Cornet/Trumpet in B-flat
  • Trumpet in C